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The MNE-AESOP Directory of Editorial Services is divided into six parts. This is Part VI which charts the publishing process. Click on to any of the terms in the chart for a definition.

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Publishing process

Figure 1 (a) charts the editorial process in book publishing where MNE is hypothetically working for both publisher and author. Although it is probably unrealistic that we would copy-edit, proofread and index for the publisher the very same book that we helped to develop editorially with the author, to the point that the publisher was prepared to commission it, this may help to show where all the various editorial and other functions enter into the publishing process.

Caveat: Please also note that publishers do not often commission a book from a first-time author based on a proposal or even synopsis and sample chapter, unless they have very good reason to be convinced of its publishability.

Click onto the name of any editorial process in the chart for further explanation.

Figure 1: Publishing process

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